A paint correction is needed when you need to remove or reduce paint defects like swirls caused by drive-thru machine car washes. A paint correction will restore your car’s showroom shine. 


Paint correction is a process of removing clear coat to remove, or lessen, scratches, swirl marks, etc. that can occur from improper washing techniques, car keys, tree branches, etc.

Common Paint Defects in Automotive Paint

  • Water Spots
  • Oxidation
  • Etching by Bird Poop
  • Swirls Caused by Machine Car Washes
Every Package Delivers Excellent Results

1 Step

$ 499
Starting at
  • This package is a huge upgrade to our POLISH because it includes a separate Cut and separate Polish phase. That means that we use stronger chemicals and spend a lot more time to bring immense gloss back to your paint.

2 Step

$ 799
Starting at
  • This package is perfect for someone who wants their paint to look as close to showroom shine as possible.

Show Car

$ 999
Starting at
  • The perfect package to restore the paint to the most perfect as possible.

“Craig did a phenomenal job! He used high-end products and clearly explained how best to take care of the car moving forward! Lesson learned on junky car washes and the toll they take on beautiful cars:(. Craig is very professional, communicates exceptionally well, puts a ton of time into the cars and goes above and beyond. I use him for my cars and my clients cars. . .he makes us all look good!! 5 Stars!”


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